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The CCCP is a project of the Online Policy Group (OPG), an official 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, based in San Francisco. The OPG has over 100 volunteers and through its hundreds of mailing lists has global reach. (see the agreement we signed with OPG, and the OPG's announcement of our partnership)

The CCCP is also tightly allied with EveryDNS, which provides DNS and Backup MX services freely to the Internet community. EveryDNS manages all CCCP DNS responsibilities, and CCCP hosts machines from EveryDNS.

The CCCP has numerous other informal alliances with groups of people who have been helping non-profits and individuals in their own communities. The CCCP would like to help unite these disparate groups, in recognition that our strength together far exceeds that that we possess working apart.

If you would like to ally your organization with the CCCP, please email [email protected].
We provide free colocated Internet access to individuals and non-profits. If you represent a not-for-profit endeavor that seeks to have a web presence, an email account, or a rackmount server of your own, we'd love to help you!
We Need You To Help Us
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You do not need to be an official non-profit organization to use our services, but you cannot be running any sort of a for-profit service. Fundraising, however, is okay. Join our mailing list if you're hosting with us or want to help out! If you're curious about hosting, send mail to [email protected] with your questions!
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