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The CCCP offers its services to organizations that need an Internet point-of-presence for distributing information on a not-for-profit basis. We're currently hosting a hugely diverse set of clients; we are delighted to help conservatives, liberals, and centrists - anyone with a point of view.

Here is a list of a few of the clients that we host (we host many, many more sites than this!)

KKUP 91.5 Cupertino: The People's Radio
Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of Southern California
The SF Bay Area LEGO Users Group
Bay Area Ham Radio (support for Challenge Cup Relay) "The music metadata commons"
The Contax G Pages (photography)
The Campbells (family website)
My Pencil (weblog)
Daily Funnies
The Fuji Rangefinder Pages (photography)
Contax Images (photography)
The Christian Mysteries
Morgan Hill United Methodist Church
Faith Bridging (ecumenical outreach)
Electric Embers (hosts of Grist Magazine, Progressive Portal, CorpWatch, Project Alchemy, Yosemite National Institutes, International Rivers Network, The People's Grocery...)
SF Underground: "Dedicated to bringing you music from SF Bay Area DJs"
J, the Jewish news weekly of Northern California
MusicBrainz - Creating a user contributed music encyclopedia. - The Kaffe Virtual Machine project
BioE2E - Supporting Biotech Entrepreneurship
The ekkoBSD Project
Esperanto, La Internacia Lingvo.
SF Bay Area Indymedia - Friends and Family improving life on planet earth.
We provide free colocated Internet access to individuals and non-profits. If you represent a not-for-profit endeavor that seeks to have a web presence, an email account, or a rackmount server of your own, we'd love to help you!
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You do not need to be an official non-profit organization to use our services, but you cannot be running any sort of a for-profit service. Fundraising, however, is okay. Join our mailing list if you're hosting with us or want to help out! If you're curious about hosting, send mail to [email protected] with your questions!
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