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Your contributions matter!

$10/month will let us virtually host a non-profit organization.

$50/month can support a 1U or 2U rackmount server, inclusive of power, an average amount of bandwidth, network infrastructure, support, and overhead.

$100/month lets us buy two megabits of bandwidth, which lets us provide hundreds more webpages a second from the non-profit community.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. We spend no money on labor or managment: all of our expenses are for hardware purchases, rackmount space, electricity, and network access.

We would love any donations of hardware, software, goods, or services that you could make. Please email us [[email protected]] if you have, or could arrange for, such a donation.

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PayPal will let you donate to us using your PayPal account, which can be funded by other people PayPal-ing you, your bank account, or a credit card. (NOTE: PayPal charges a 2-3% fee)


If you'd like to donate by check, make it out to: Online Policy Group, making sure to write "CCCP" visibly on the check (like in the memo field) and mail it to:
Online Policy Group
304 Winfield Street
San Francisco, CA 94110-5512
100% of your donation will go to supporting our efforts to make online access affordable for non-profits.

Other Donations

We accept donations of stock, equipment, and other capital too! email us at [] if you'd like to make a special donation!
We provide free colocated Internet access to individuals and non-profits. If you represent a not-for-profit endeavor that seeks to have a web presence, an email account, or a rackmount server of your own, we'd love to help you!
We Need You To Help Us
Check Out Our 'Why CCCP' Page
You do not need to be an official non-profit organization to use our services, but you cannot be running any sort of a for-profit service. Fundraising, however, is okay. Join our mailing list if you're hosting with us or want to help out! If you're curious about hosting, send mail to with your questions!
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