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Welcome! We're a non-profit that is part of a global movement to provide free, unencumbered Internet services to non-commercial entities. We're wholly donation-based and are fervently free-speech. We've been in operation since 2001 and currently host over 130 not-for-profit servers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have "sister sites" opening all around the world, including in Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. We also would love to help you start a community colo project wherever you are.

Congratulations! CCCP Fremont is currently full! However, we still offer hosting on our virtual ser vers, email lists, XEN hosts, and Domain Name Servers. For more information on our hosting solutio ns, please contact [email protected]

What do we do? We provide colocation. This is when you give us a computer that has been configured to serve web pages and email (or other such tasks) and put it in our facility, where your server is connected to the Internet at speeds up to twenty thousand times faster than the very fastest dialup. We make sure that your computer stays cool, doesn't have its power interrupted, and has a fast and reliable Internet connection.

Our Fremont, CA location has multi-gigabit redundant fiber links, onsite physical security, locked cabinets, commercial-grade UPS-backed power, access control lists, and active environmental control. There is 24/7 onsite staffing for easy and secure remote reboots and accessibility. We use Cisco managed switches to monitor traffic flows and can provide serial console access for those who need it.

What else do we do? We and our partners provide other services than colocation, all of which are also free! These services include Email lists, Email accounts, Web hosting (if you don't have your own server), DNS, Website design, Computer refurbishing, and IT consulting.

Advertisements. For many individuals that utilize web mail services, the transaction of a free, uncomplicated to utilize service is typically the fact that they are barraged by advertisements. For a few people, too numerous advertisements could be distracting, particularly when advertisements are included in real emails and this may be considered unsuitable or unprofessional if using a web based email service with best bulk email sender software .

Online Accessibility. For those individuals that have substandard Internet connections or live in parts of the world wherein Internet accessibility is not as constant, this could be a huge problem.

Spam and Security Problems. A lot of security professionals have said that depending on the utilization of web mail service, you may be opening up yourself to spam and security misuses. Because web mail is on an essential server, a hacker could break into and look for thousands or millions emails. Several times huge web mail services are the mark of spam. While lots of of these web mail services have supplemented better spam guards, you may experience a advanced spam rate than the traditional email.

What don't we do? We do not provide dialup, DSL, or cable modem connections from your home or office to the Internet. Sorry! Maybe some day we'll be able to do this...

We are serving up thousands of websites, covering everything from Open Source, to current events in Argentina, to streaming MP3 Buddhist teachings, to personal sites, to information about socialism. We even host the database backend for the Special Olympics.

CCCP has garnered international attention; our Founder David Weekly and CalTEG's founder Graham Freeman spoke about CCCP and its potential impact at the Palace of the United Nations in Geneva at the WebForce conference on May 6-8, 2002. We also hosted the 2003 Benefit Dinner at the annual CodeCon hacker convention that went very well and raised nearly a thousand dollars for our cause!

If this project sounds interesting, please consider joining our discussion list or making a tax-deductible donation. (We're an official 501c3 charity.) Our continued operations are dependent upon donations matching or exceeding the cost of our operations, which are around $50 a month for every server we host. So far, this has worked well, but we're always living pretty close to the line. Since we're an 100% volunteer organization, you can be assured that all of your money will go towards helping not-for-profit organizations get Internet service.
We provide free colocated Internet access to individuals and non-profits. If you represent a not-for-profit endeavor that seeks to have a web presence, an email account, or a rackmount server of your own, we'd love to help you!
We Need You To Help Us
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You do not need to be an official non-profit organization to use our services, but you cannot be running any sort of a for-profit service. Fundraising, however, is okay. Join our mailing list if you're hosting with us or want to help out! If you're curious about hosting, send mail to [email protected] with your questions!
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